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Items at the lighthouse relating to the Captain

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Tea Service
It is interesting that Henry Green chose this tea service with a green pattern - a play upon his own name perhaps. It was acquired in Europe and brought back to Long Island as a part of his wedding service.
Silk from the Orient
This embroidered silk was acquired by Green during one of his whaling voyages. The intricate detail work is a hallmark of embroidery created in China, which is possibly where the two matching pieces at the lighthouse came from.
Carved Cane
Green carved and mounted this cane himself. The top of the case has a carved ivory "grasping" hand with a carved and painted snake mounted below it. The snake wraps around the main column of the cane terminating about halfway down the shaft.
Sea Chest
Each sailor, including the captain, needed a chest in which to keep their belongings. Captain Green's chest traveled with him all over the world from his early days all the way through his service as captain.
Nesting Baskets from the Far East
Designed to maximize storage, these nesting baskets were brought back on one of Green's whaling trips.
Jewel Casket
Constructed by the captain for his wife, this intricately crafted box includes rare woods, ivory, whalebone, etched and hand colored decorations as well as a cabochon moonstone button.
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Captain Henry Green (1794 - 1873)


Captain Henry Green was born in Sag Harbor, Long Island in 1794.  he went to sea for the first time aboard the ship Fair Helen in 1817.  He spent just over a year aboard the vessel, which was captained by Oliver Fordham.  His next three journeys were done on board the ship Abigail, in 1818, 1819, and 1820.  In May of 1821 he was appointed master of the Abigail and for the first tem took the title of "captain."  In 1822 he captained the ship Hannibal and in 1824 returned to Sag Harbor where he married Roxanna Stewart Fordham.  He continued as master of Hannibal on another voyage in 1825, and served as captain for the last time aboard the ship Huron in 1843.  During his career of 26 years he captained several other vessels, including the Ontario, Octavia, Phoenix, and the Hudson.  In 1851 he moved his family from Sag Harbor to a new home on the North Fork in Peconic.  He died in 1873 and his body was returned to Sag Harbor for burial.


Other items relating to Captain Green and his career are also displayed at the lighthouse.  To see them, please consider paying us a visit on Saturdays and Sundays from May to October.