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Some of the Polish and Lithuanian families that settled in Southold Town include:


Janucik, Volenski, Plaske, Trikoski, Soboleski, Droscoski, Sledjeski, Poplawski, Baelecki, Rokowitz, Gadomski, Malanowski, Slavonick, Slovonik, Baloski, Koleski, Nowitski, Gavelko, Molomoffski, Satkoski, Zebroski, Ruitakoski, Waricki, Stepnoski, Stakiski, Poliwoda, Berkoski, Zeleska, Doroski, Krupski, Swisky, Kristopowicz, Zeneski, Gajeski, Zanowski, Kujawski, Kulick, Stephanoski, Orlowski, Dowski, Haponik, Zuhoski, Borak, Kozenka, Bonkoski, Smolenski, Lichnowski, and many, many, others.


While we have extensive documentation of the earlier farms and their owners, we have little on the history of how these properties developed under the ownership of these later Polish and Lithuanian families.


Antoni i Henry Krupski gatunek Ziemniaki, 1956

(Anthony and Tony Krupski sort Potatoes, 1956)

Polski i Litewski Rodzinny

"Polish and Lithuanian Families"

(Please let us know if the translation is not quite right. Thanks.)

Beginning in the late 19th century and continuing through the first half of the 20th century, huge numbers of Polish and Lithuanian immigrants came to eastern Long Island to work. Most took up farming and later acquired many of the farms that had been established by English, Irish, and German immigrant farmers years before. Others became entrepreneurs in their new communities, opening and operating stores and businesses of every kind. To this day their descendants occupy an important position within our community.


If you are related to one of these families or know of someone who is, please encourage them to consider donating material to the Southold Historical Society's archive so that future generations may know of their contributions to our very diverse community.


Materials sought include farm and business records, family genealogies, photographs, letters, diaries, ledgers, etc. You may contact the Society by phone at (631) 765-5500 or email us at info@southoldhistorical.org.