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Irving Wiles Book Published by Society!

Irving Ramsay Wiles, N. A. 1861-1948 Portraits and Pictures, 1899-1948 Published in association with Hudson Hills Press

"This publication not only presents a far clearer picture of Wiles development and the changing nature of his artistry, both speculative and commissions, but also identifies some of his patrons, establishes his exhibition history, and details the prizes that he won. Never before seen outside of the Wiles family, these records are essential to defining the place in the history of American art that Irving Wiles deserves." - Dr. William H. Gerdts, Professor Emeritus of Art History, CUNY, & The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts' Senior Advisor in American Art.

~ ~ ~

This new book is the first on the artist in over two decades and richly presents the life and career of Irving Ramsay Wiles. It contains the most detailed biography yet written on the artist, as well as a large amount of data on the works he created, the patrons who commissioned them, and how a once prosperous and successful career eventually fell apart, leaving Wiles destitute for the remainder of his life. The book includes:

* A newly researched biography based on historical documents, including hundreds of the artist's own letters and those written by his family.

* Nearly forty illustrations, including nineteen in color and eighteen in black & white featuring paintings, watercolors, and drawings by the artist in addition to photographs of his studios, home, and family.

* Analysis of the artist's personal ledgers in which he recorded his sales, as well as a discussion on over one hundred works sold at auction in the past twenty years.

* Reproduction of the contents of his ledger, arranged by date, size, price, and commissioning agent. This data provides researchers from museums to auction houses the ability to discover the detailed provenance of works that came out of the artist's studio.

* A detailed bibliography which includes references to recently re-discovered sources on Wiles's life and work.

The book is available through the Society's gift shop and can also be found in fine book stores and online.

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