54325 Main Road

PO Box 1

Southold, NY 11971








Prince Building:

54325 Main Rd., Southold NY 11971

Museum Complex:

55200 Main Rd., Southold NY 11971

Nautical Museum at Horton Point Lighthouse:
3575 Lighthouse Rd., Southold NY 11971

Prince Building Hours:

Society Office: Monday—Friday 10am-2pm
Gift Shop: Monday—Friday 10am-2pm

Archives: By Appointment


Treasure Exchange: 

April through Mid-December    

Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat., 10am–4pm

Wednesday 1-4pm


January through March             

Saturdays only, 10 am–3 pm

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Lighthouse Cruise Cancelled

June 20, 2019


Unfortunately, Cross Sound Ferry has cancelled the Lighthouse Cruise for today (due to foggy weather). We are sorry for any inconvenience. We will be refunding your ticket purchases. Please note: $22.50 of your payment went to Cross Sound Ferry and $7.50 was a fundraiser for Southold Historical Society. We realize you paid $30 per adult (or $31.50 with the processing fee if you paid via Paypal). Please email us back with your preference of either donating the $7.50 difference (and receive a refund of $22.50) or if you would like a full refund of $30 (I am sorry but we cannot refund the processing fee of $1.50). Feel free to email us at info@southoldhistorical.org. Sorry we will miss out on spending the afternoon with you all. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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